In-House Fabrication & Finishing Services

Isberian Rug Company has a significant advantage over other rug and carpet stores in that we are a one-stop-shop for all finishing and fabrication services. With just one visit, you can expect expert craftsmanship for any project, whether it’s a matter of customizing your rug with a new border, or completely creating a unique rug from scratch to suit a specific area in your home. The expert staff at Isberian can resize any rug or carpet into custom sizing that accommodates tricky architectural features, such as columns and fireplaces, without detracting from the original beauty or structural integrity of the item.

Finishing & Serging

At Isberian, we offer both finishing and serging services for your rugs and carpets. What’s the difference? Finishing is usually done on rugs, while serging is reserved for carpets or rugs made from carpet. Because rugs are woven by hand, they are also finished by hand, meaning that their edges are unique, beautiful, and not completely uniform. On the other hand, serging is a finishing process done with a machine to ensure uniformity and precision for carpets and rugs made from carpet.

There are three different serges available: custom borders, a traditional machine serge, and a low profile modern serge. The low-profile option is great for carpets that might be in a tight space, such as under a door with a low clearance. Because we have the unique ability to serge in-house, we are able to fabricate completely new, customized carpets–a service most rug stores are not able to offer.


With fabrication, you are in control of exactly what you want! Whether it’s resizing an existing rug, or starting from scratch, our team will work with you to design and create the rug or carpet of your dreams.

You might consider fabricating or resizing a rug or carpet if you have specific nooks and crannies of your home that won’t allow for a traditional size, or if you require custom notches to accommodate architectural features. Maybe you’ve recently moved and your new home requires different shapes and sizes of floor coverings. The team in our repair room can cut and resize any kind of rug, opening up an endless world of possibilities.

Our expansive catalog represents lines of custom Tibetan, Indian, and Afghan handmade carpets that we have personally vetted and selected. We can also ship in satellite items that are not typically found in our inventory, so you always find exactly what you want. If, however, what you want isn’t available in the correct dimensions, our technicians can cut the item down to the right size and hand finish it to match the existing borders, leaving you with a custom-made rug in only a week’s time. You won’t find this speed of service anywhere else!

It may seem strange that we encourage cutting up valuable handmade rugs, but if it isn’t the correct size, you won’t be able to use it at all. Let us make it right, so that you can proudly display your beautiful rug or carpet.

Our expert technicians know exactly how to cut down a rug in a way that won’t compromise the structural integrity of the weave, so you end up with just as stable or sturdy a rug as it would have been, but now it actually fits! Any excess material that is cut from the original rug or carpet can be resized to fit other areas of your home, so you could have matching stair runners or floor coverings without anybody knowing it was cut from another rug or carpet.