Expert Repair and Restoration Services

With generations of rug expertise behind our name, Isberian Rug Company brings worldly knowledge and skill directly to the Roaring Fork Valley. Whether or not you purchased your rug from Isberian, our technically advanced staff will work with you to return your rug to its original pristine condition.

It’s natural that, with regular use over time, a rug may need a little touch-up, whether that’s a simple repair to a complete restoration. While many rug stores may advertise repair and cleaning services, they don’t actually have the ability to execute those repairs on site, so your valuable item is sent away to a third party. Once the rug leaves the store, there is no opportunity for quality control and you often end up paying more because the store serves as the middleman between you, the customer, and the actual repair company.

After decades of sourcing and servicing rugs from all over the world, in every size, shape, and style imaginable, we have the expertise, master repair staff, and materials on hand–from vegetal dyes to hand-spun wool to antique yarns–to handle any project in house. We offer a variety of repair options for all budgets and our knowledgeable staff will talk you through the options available to you to ensure you are completely comfortable with the service to be provided.


  • Re-weaving

  • Fringe repair

  • Side selvedge repair (hand-wrap and machine serging)

  • Machine and hand binding

  • Expert patch work to match original rug

  • Shaving

  • Blocking

  • Size reduction

  • Custom fabrication

  • Bleed removal, and more


The tradition of restoring and repairing rugs extends over centuries and it’s a history that we preserve and move forward every day at Isberian. When Stephan Isberian opened the rug facility in Basalt, he brought with him the knowledge and skills that were handed down to him by his father and generations of family members in the rug trade.

Realizing the importance of this artisanal skill, over the last 55 years of business, three master repairmen were sponsored and brought from overseas to teach the Isberian staff everything about repairing and restoring rugs. As a result of this invaluable instruction, our technicians can handle anything, from simply patching, to reweaving an entire rug.

With an extensive inventory at our disposal, we have hundreds of available rug patches and rug material that can be used to repair rugs, so our technicians can execute precise repairs with wool sourced from the same region as your own rug. In addition to stocking over 500 different colors of wool bought from various weaving countries, we also have the ability to dye wool in house to create custom colors.

The expert technicians at Isberian are amazingly skilled at matching rug patches, no matter the fiber or material. Using our own looms, or even building entirely new looms as needed, our capable staff can fully reweave the rug, hand shave it, and restore it to its original integrity. The repairs are so precise and discreet, that you won’t even know which part was repaired!