Rug Pads

To say that we care about rug pads is an understatement. We are fanatics about rug pads and the importance of having the correct pad sized and fitted for your rug! A correct match ultimately ensures the longevity of your area rug. Much like having a good set of tires on your car which allows the car to perform at its best, having the correct rug pad is an integral part of ensuring the longevity of your area rug. A quality rug pad should keep the rug anchored in place, preventing uneven wear and tear over time.


Having the correct pad under all rugs is critical for the rugs’ functionality, longevity, and safety. The correctly matched and installed rug pad will:

  • Keep the rug flat, smooth, and wrinkle-free, which makes vacuuming much easier

  • Reduce wear and tear, prolonging the life of the rug, by absorbing the impact of feet and the weight of heavy furniture

  • Prevent bunching and slipping, making it safer on hard surfaces. Even rugs that are pinned under heavy furniture tend to bunch and slip without a pad.

  • Improve the rug's overall performance

One of the most important parts of an in-home rug installation is properly laying down the rug pad. The rug pad should be slightly smaller than the area rug it will support, so that the edges will be slightly lower than the center of the rug. The center is the strongest part of the rug and should be bearing the weight of most foot traffic and furniture. While wool is a fairly elastic fiber that will regain its shape, if the rug is improperly positioned and crushed under furniture, over time the wool will no longer return to its original shape. The pad will then keep the rug anchored in place, preventing any unwanted movement that causes uneven wear and tear. Depending on the product, rug pads should be replaced roughly every 3-4 years, or more often in very high traffic areas.

An incorrectly matched or lower quality rug pad can easily discolor your floors, or not absorb the weight of furniture on the rug, permanently crushing the face of the rug. If, like many in the Roaring Fork Valley, you have radiant heat in your floors, an inferior rug pad can actually melt, ruining the floor underneath. Often these issues go unnoticed for years when it’s too late to fix the damage.

Types of Rug Pads We Carry

At Isberian Rug Company, we stock only high quality rug pad products that work for all types of floors, including hard surfaces, carpet, and radiant heated floors. All of the problems you may experience with your area rugs, like bunching, slipping, wrinkling, or curling, are addressed in the technology used in our two main brand offerings:

Hard Surface rug pad

Suitable for surfaces such as LVP, tiles, or wood, this quarter-inch pad is ideal for hard floors. Its rubberized backing adheres to the floor, while the recycled nylon blend on top acts as a sort of velcro, grabbing the rug fibers to keep it in place. This is our most commonly used type of rug pad.

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Rug Over Carpet pad

This thinner foam-based pad is made to secure rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpet. With dry adhesive on both sides, the pad sticks to both the carpet underneath and the rug on top. The dry adhesive does not leave any residue behind, making it also suitable for hard surfaces. Because it is purely adhesive-based, it tends to have a slightly shorter lifetime, particularly if the rug is moved frequently. It’s low profile makes it ideal for areas with tight clearance.

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